Comprehensive, collaborative constructability reviews

Start every job with the whole team not just on the same page, but on the right page. Publish, view, markup and share comments with a single application for design review.

Because the better you can see it, the better you can build it.

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Key Capabilities

Publish all drawing sets to a single library, control access with permission settings, view on any device and add markups, measurements and even issues to resolve constructability issues.

Document Library

Publish and store information in a single, cloud repository


Add notes to 2D or 3D files. Keep private, or share with other team members


Linear, angle or area measurements provide the data needed

Mobile - iOS & Android

Keep your team in the know with access to all project information on the go

Version Control

Track every update, including automatic slip sheeting, to maintain a current set

2D / 3D

Access all the information that is available, in the format that makes sense

Related Workflows

BIM Coordination

Automate BIM coordination processes to make it quicker to identify and resolve problems between disciplines.

Issue Management

Identify issues in the context of designs, assign work, and track issue resolution through inspection and completion.

RFIs and Submittals

Create, manage, distribute and approve submittals packages with tight project controls and activity tracking.

Customer Stories

Hill Partnerships

Site managers are saving two hours per day by having information on mobile devices and not having to walk back to the office to find plans or pieces of paper.

JJ Rhatigan

Cloud based software makes it easier for all construction stake-holders to collaborate more effectively, saving on time and resources.

Balfour Beatty

BIM 360 helps teams identify and address workflow bottlenecks, and keep all project stakeholders up to date with the latest information and documentation—which connected the team as never before.

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4 Pro-Tips for Construction Document Management Success

Having a standard document management strategy helps multiple stakeholders collaborate effectively at all times. Learn how the right strategy can prevent errors and omissions from occuring.

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6 File Management Headaches Only Construction Pros Understand

If there’s one thing that matters when it comes to getting a project off on the right foot, it’s making sure everyone has current versions of the latest construction files, plans and models.

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BIM 360 Products

Subscriptions to the BIM 360 platform are available through offerings that align with the needs of project stakeholders and the processes that they are involved with. Subscriptions are available by user and included unlimited projects and unlimited storage.

BIM 360 Docs

For all project stakeholders who need controlled access to up-to-date information in the office or field
Included modules:
Document Management

BIM 360 Design

For teams who need to securely collaborate in real time on Revit models and coordinate deliverables
Included modules:
Document Management
Design Collaboration
Revit Cloud Worksharing
Access to BIM 360 Team & Collaboration for Revit

BIM 360 Glue

For teams who need to coordinate multi-discipline designs across trades
Included modules:
Document Management
Model Coordination
Access to BIM 360 Glue (Classic)

BIM 360 Build

For teams who need to collaborate on work performed during construction
Included modules:
Document Management
Project Management
Field Management
Access to BIM 360 Field (Classic)

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