Streamline construction safety inspections and reduce risk

Construction safety risks increase when you don’t know what to look out for. Get safety program checklists and site observations into everyone’s hands to avoid safety blind spots.

Because the better you can see it, the safer you can build it.

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Key Capabilities

Communicate safety standards to workers in the field by publishing safety checklists to mobile devices to execute inspections, and easily raise issues to resolve any problem areas to avoid risky situations.

Import Templates

Import standard templates for use on new projects


Setup a location structure to quickly search and filter information by location


Create issues, assign work and track to resolution. Pin issue location to designs

Offline Access

Sync critical information to mobile devices for access without an Internet signal

Daily Log

Log items like work completed, hours spent, incidents and weather

Activity Log

See every action taken on your project to avoid finger-pointing down the road

Related Workflows

Quality Management

Reduce rework with proactive quality management

Issue Management

Track and manage all project issues with BIM 360

Design Review

Start every job with the whole team not just on the same page, but on the right page

Customer Stories

BOND Brothers

Using BIM 360 on its utility, civil and building projects, BOND Brothers is building up a wealth of data about quality, safety and the performance of their subcontractors.


HFB explored many technology solutions and decided BIM 360 would be the dynamic set of tools to help them win new business and continue to grow their portfolio.

Max Bogl Group

BIM 360 saves the construction management team and inspectors substantial time every day. Inspectors can now spend 20 percent more time in the field.

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5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Improve Safety

Properly planned and executed, a mobile safety program on the jobsite can improve safety. 

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3 Pro Tips for Major Construction Risk Management Issues

Three big risks — jobsite safety, scheduling risk and cost-associated risks — can be mitigated or significantly reduced by using cloud-based construction software as a tool. 

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BIM 360 Products

Subscriptions to the BIM 360 platform are available through offerings that align with the needs of project stakeholders and the processes that they are involved with. Subscriptions are available by user and included unlimited projects and unlimited storage.

BIM 360 Docs

For all project stakeholders who need controlled access to up-to-date information in the office or field
Included modules:
Document Management

BIM 360 Design

For teams who need to securely collaborate in real time on Revit models and coordinate deliverables
Included modules:
Document Management
Design Collaboration
Revit Cloud Worksharing
Access to BIM 360 Team & Collaboration for Revit

BIM 360 Glue

For teams who need to coordinate multi-discipline designs across trades
Included modules:
Document Management
Model Coordination
Access to BIM 360 Glue (Classic)

BIM 360 Build

For teams who need to collaborate on work performed during construction
Included modules:
Document Management
Project Management
Field Management
Access to BIM 360 Field (Classic)

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