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  • Share construction-ready plans across the entire team
  • Perform constructability reviews and assign work
  • Reduce rework risks through versioning and permissions
  • Manage contractual documents and control access

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Benefits of working with BIM 360 Docs

Less time fighting with files. More time building.

When construction project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. BIM 360 Docs lets you publish, manage and review all project docs, plans and models in the cloud.

Always on time

Get information published faster and organized logically with bulk upload, set creation, and automatic separation of sheets from design files.

Always accurate

Organize documents into sets and quickly review which documents have changed from one revision to the next.

Always in control

Access control with five permission levels keeps the right information in the right hands throughout the project.

One app. Period.

Using different apps for blueprint viewing, PDF markups, issue management, and file sharing leaves teams out of sync. Get everything in one place – and accessible on the Web, tablets and phones – to always stay current and connected.

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Link 2D & 3D

Extract 2D sheets from 3D models. Amazingly-fast viewer for web and mobile — online or offline.

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Collaborative markups

Create and share 2D and 3D markups for collaborative design reviews.

Create & manage issues

Create and assign issues to be completed by trades or project team members.

BIM 360 Docs Features

Get started connecting your entire construction project team and all your documents in one place. Free for a single project. No user limits. No storage limits. No credit card required.

Single project repository

  • Unlimited storage
  • Support for all file types
  • Project activity log

Access Control

  • Project- and folder-level access rights
  • Define access by role, company, user
  • Assign four permission levels


  • List and thumbnail views
  • Version control and rollback
  • Single viewer for 2D and 3D files

Document modification

  • Create, view, assign and track project issues
  • 2D & 3D markups with thumbnail views, notifications and open/close workflows
  • Assign custom attributes and properties


  • Extract document sets from design files
  • OCR title block data for automated naming
  • Separate multi-page PDF files


  • Online and offline access on Web, phone & tablet
  • PDF and model viewer, optimized for Apple iOS
  • Navigate between documents without closing viewer


  • What's new in BIM 360 Docs?

    To stay up to date with all BIM 360 Docs Release Notes, visit the BIM 360 Docs Forum and subscribe to the Release Notes. You’ll get alerted when new features are released.

    TIP: When updates are pushed live, we recommend that users clear their browser cache prior to logging into BIM 360 Docs.

    An “*” preceding a feature indicates that a paid subscription to BIM 360 Docs is required to take advantage of the feature.

    Release — October 14, 2016

    Our October 14 release features OCR performance improvements and the ability to view photos from the Web UI.

    • The OCR speed and accuracy during the document publishing process has been improved. These improvements are most noticeable when publishing multi-page raster PDF files.
    • *Photographs stored within BIM 360 Docs can now be viewed in the viewer from the Web UI.  Previously, photos could only be viewed from the iOS app.


    Release — September 20, 2016

    The September 20 update delivers improved PDF publishing with a new user experience for defining PDF drawing title blocks, and markup and issue attachment feature enhancements.

    • An improved PDF publishing experience now displays the title block identification and selection UI in a new, full screen viewing mode that automatically zooms to the optimal size for selecting the text within a title block. In addition, labels have been added to identify what fields are being selected.  This new title block user experience is optimized for title blocks that are located in the bottom right corner of a sheet, as well as horizontally across the bottom of the sheet, and vertically along the side of the sheet.
    • New markup and issue enhancements allow users to preview where attachments are available and preview and navigate to those attachments right from the drawing. If multiple attachments exist on a single markup, you can scroll though them from the preview panel.  Attachment names can now also be edited, and attachments can be deleted by project admins or the user who created the markup.
    • Adding attachments to markups and photos to issues is now available on both the Web and iOS UIs.


    Release — September 2, 2016

    The latest release of BIM 360 Docs includes a streamlined process for adding new users and setting permissions, and a new feature for attaching documents, such as RFIs, to project drawings.

    • For customers that was to assign user-based permissions, Project Admins and Controllers (permission level) can invite new users and set permissions in a single step. New users will be listed as “pending” in both the Folder Settings and Administration screens until they accept the invitation.  When a new user signs in, he or she can now immediately and securely access shared project documents and data.
    • Many customers have told us that they want to use Docs to manage and maintain an up-to-date record set of drawings that includes the most recent drawing versions, but also the most up-to-date documents — like RFIs and Change Orders — that are related to those drawings. Now, users can add attachments (hyperlinks to documents managed in Docs) to markups on drawings so that all of the critical information is available to project team members.
    • A usability improvement has been made to only display indicators on drawings and models with open markups and issues.


    iOS Release — August 17, 2016

    Version 1.6 includes multi-language support, the ability to view and download image files, videos and MS Office documents (*), and the ability to navigate using hyperlinks that were manually added in Docs.

    • In addition to English, the BIM 360 Docs iOS UI is now available in French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
    • *With BIM 360 Docs you can manage all your project documents, and the iOS app now provides access to photos/images, videos and MS Office formats — online or offline. You can view these documents in the same way as you do drawings and models.
    • In addition to previous support for navigating between files using automatic callout navigation, the iOS app now supports the ability to navigate between drawings using manually-added hyperlinks.


    Web Release — August 16, 2016

    BIM 360 Docs now includes six localized UIs.  In addition, improvements were made to the viewing and navigation tools.

    • In addition to English, BIM 360 Docs web UI is now available in French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.  Access to the localized UIs is controlled in your browser settings.
    • In the BIM 360 Docs viewer, when using detail callout navigation to jump from one drawing to another, you can now navigate to any previous drawing using the “return” option.
    • The “zoom window” option is available for PDF drawings, offering a consistent set of tools for all drawings, regardless of file type. 


    Web Release — July 31, 2016

    Our latest update to BIM 360 Docs continues to bring improved functionality to Callout Hyperlinking and introduces a Project Activity Log for auditing and improved document control:

    • Callout Hyperlinks are now supported for Raster PDF files, adding to support for vector PDFs, .RVT, .DWG and.DWF formats.
    • Hyperlinks will be automatically created when publishing files, but users can now manually add callout hyperlinks to published files.  
    • A Project Activity Log is now available for Project Administrators and Account Administrators that shows all activity performed within a project by all users.  The Activity Log is available through the BIM 360 Account Administration portal.  Note: The Activity Log will only track activity that occurs from July 31 forward.

    iOS Release — July 18, 2016

    Version 1.5 of the Docs iOS app is available now on the App Store. New features include 2D callout hyperlinking navigation, markup color and line thickness options, and a project-level view of all project issues.:

    • Drawing callout navigation is now available for the iOS apps for 2D vector PDFs, .RVT and .DWG files published to the Plans/Shop Drawings folders. NOTE: Files published prior to June 28 need to be re-published or updated to recognize hyperlinks.
    • New project-level view of project issues provides a list of all issues a user has access to see for the entire project. From this view, users can sort and filter issues, as well as take action on assigned issues.
    • Added ability to navigate to your most recently viewed models and drawings, making it simple to jump between files.
    • More markup colors and thickness options help users communicate questions, comments and clarifications from mobile devices.


    Web Release — July 15, 2016

    Our July 15 update to BIM 360 Docs provides several important new capabilities and enhancements for managing, viewing, navigating and reviewing project drawings:

    • Automatic hyperlinking for 2D vector PDF drawings was released on June 28.  In this release, we’ve added support for .RVT, .DWG and .DWF 2D files published in the Plans or Shop Drawings folders.
    • Delete 2D sheets and 3D models from the Plans/Shop Drawings folders.  Previously, the ability to delete files was only available in Project Files folders.  Now, you can select some — or all — of the extracted sheets from Revit models or multi-page PDFs published into Plans & Shop Drawings.
    • The markup toolbar has been improved to deliver a simpler drawing and model viewing experience.  When you choose to create a new markups, the toolbar is expanded at the bottom of the screen.

    Web Release — June 28, 2016

    We are pleased to announce that we have delivered one of the most highly-requested features for BIM 360 Docs: detail callout hyperlinking and navigation for PDF drawings! This release also includes folder-level sorting options, automatic document sorting, and quality enhancements.

    • With Automatic Hyperlinking for Detail Callouts, when you upload your PDF drawings to BIM 360 Docs, we not only identify your title block information, but also automatically create hyperlinks for your detail callouts. Just click on the blue-highlighted area of the callout, and you will jump to the corresponding sheet with the callout detail. From there, you can go back to the original document or navigate to another drawing.
    • We have also added three folder sorting options so that you can better manage and access your project data. By default, folders are sorted A-Z, but you can also sort Z-A and by date (most recent activity). In addition to folder sorting, we now automatically sort the documents in a folder by document name (A-Z). In List view, you can choose to sort by any other column as well.
    • We have made some changes to Project Administration, so that only Project Administrators can define user roles and companies. Controllers can still add users, roles, and companies to their folders, but they won’t be able to assign a role or company to a new or existing user.


    iOS Release — June 16, 2016

    A new version of the BIM 360 Docs app for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store.  This version, 1.4, includes the ability to create markups and add photos to Issues — online or offline.

    • Add photo attachments to issues, both online and offline.  Attaching photos to issues adds context and helps with identifying and communicating areas that need to be addressed.
    • New ability to create markups from iOS, both online and offline.  This is an improvement from earlier versions which allowed users to view markups on their iPhone and iPad.  Markup tools include freehand, arrow, square, circle, cloud and text.
    • Access to subfolders for Plans & Shop Drawings, to support the June 14th Web improvement.
    • Support for mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise login support for the mobile app.


    Web Release — June 14, 2016

    This release includes powerful new capabilities, including subfolders for Plans & Shop Drawings, the ability to compare two different 2D sheets, improved accuracy for title block OCR of vector PDFs and improved security and control for enterprise customers.

    • Subfolders in Plans & Shop Drawings.  Now, document managers can better organize and manage project documents.  New subfolder capabilities allow you to separate documents into subfolders, such as project phase, discipline or status.  Subfolders in Plans & Shop Drawings let users leverage the sheet extracting and OCR capabilities for any model or multi-page PDF.  For paid subscribers, permissions can be set at the subfolder level.
    • *2D Document Compare can now be used to compare either two versions of a single sheet, or two different sheets.  Now, you can compare floor 1 vs. floor 2, or architectural drawings vs. mechanical drawings, for example, to simplify 2D coordination.
    • Issue management has been enhanced with the addition of audit logs, and filtering and sorting options.
    • Title Block OCR speed and accuracy has been improved for vector PDFs. 
    • For enterprise customers, support for enterprise login for both Web and mobile access and mobile device management (MDM) add security and control over their information.


    Release — May 13, 2016

    This release includes enhancements to the *2D Version Compare feature.

    • With color mode enabled in 2D Version Compare, when you compare documents the newest version displays in blue, and the previous version in red. This allows for easier viewing and comparison in both side-by-side and stacked sheet views.


    New Release — May 6, 2016

    BIM 360 Docs now includes the ability to create new issues and edit (view, change status, respond) existing issues from Web UI.

    A new version of the BIM 360 Docs iOS app is also now available on the iTunes app store and includes a number of new issue and markup features, including:

    • The ability to add comments, re-assign and change issue status when a user is offline, then sync changes to the cloud when online.
    • Notification icons show what drawings and models have markups or issues added to them.
    • Notify project members of assigned issues and link directly to the sheet from the notification email.


    New Release — April 29, 2016

    The release on April 29 brings expanded markup capabilities, new notification icons for issues, version comparisons, and  faster publishing of PDF files. New features include:

    • Markup color selections are now available to improve drawing and model review communications.
    • Issues and markups at a glance.  In the Thumbnail view, users can now see the number of issues and markups that have been added to each sheet or model.
    • *New Compare feature makes it simple to review what has changed between two versions of the same 2D drawing
    • Performance improvements in PDF publishing mean users can now add PDF drawings to BIM 360 Docs and make them available to the team in a matter of minutes.


    New Release — April 20, 2016

    Our April 20 release extends the issue management functionality of BIM 360 Docs and adds support for hyperlinks that are configured in Autodesk Revit models:

    • Issue notifications have been added.  When issues are assigned to a user, company or role, the assignee receives an email with a link to the issue.
    • Issues created in the BIM 360 Docs mobile app can now be viewed from the Web UI and comments can be added from the Web UI.
    • Hyperlinks that are configured in Revit are maintained in models uploaded to the Project Files area in BIM 360 Docs.


    New Release — April 1, 2016

    The April 1 release brings significant performance improvements for PDF publishing and processing, as well as introduces issues management to BIM 360 Docs. New features include:

    • Publishing performance improvements for PDF files, offering up to 4X faster uploads.
    • Support for the creation, assignment, viewing and management of issues from the BIM 360 Docs iOS apps.  Issues can also be viewed from the Web UI.
    • Ability to view markups on the iOS apps, as well as quickly navigate to markups on 2D files by clicking on the markup in the markup panel.


    New Release — March 18, 2016

    The latest release of BIM 360 Docs includes new markup functions aimed at improving AEC project team workflows such as design and constructibility reviews. It includes:

    • Ability to mark the status of 2D and 3D markups as closed, making it simple and fast to let team members create, manage, track and resolve individual markups.
    • New markup notification icons in the Thumbnail View of the Plans & Shop Drawings folders to indicate a sheet or model contains a markup.
    • Added BIM 360 Docs to the Autodesk BIM 360 unified login page to provide one-click access to all BIM 360 services that users are a member of.

    New Release — February 29, 2016

    Our first release updated added enhancements to publishing workflows, markups for 3D models, new administration features and performance improvements.

    • Email notifications for file uploads to alert user of processing complete, action needed, processing failure
    • Create, view and manage markups on 3D design files.
    • Enlarged review page for title block extraction process
    • One-click access to both account administration and project administration functions, including adding project administrators and projects
    • Product stability and performance improvements

    Commercial availability — January 31, 2016

    BIM 360 Docs was commercially released on January 31, 2016 and came out of the gate with a number of powerful document management features for construction projects.  The initial release focused on publishing, viewing and sharing files.

    • Manage project access by user, role or company
    • Manage folder access by user, role or company
    • Organize and manage all project folders
    • Manage project drawings and models
    • Manage all other project documents
    • Upload, download and manage versions
    • Thumbnail and list views
    • Move, copy and rename documents
    • Delete and restore from recycle bin
    • Set custom attributes
    • View drawings and models in a browser
    • Automatically seperate 2D PDF sheets
    • Extract 2D sheets from 3D model files
    • PDF Title Block Extraction
    • Markup 2D drawings – Web
    • 2D and 3D document viewing  on iPad/iPhone – online, offline and sync
  • How is BIM 360 Docs priced?

    BIM 360 Docs will be offered in both free and paid pricing tiers. The paid tier will contain all product features and is sold in user packs of 1, 25, 100 or 1,000. The free tier will contain a subset of the paid tier features and is limited to a single project.

  • How do I purchase the subscription to the paid tier?

    A “Buy Now” button is available in-product that will facilitate credit card transactions.

  • What is the difference between the free tier and the paid subscription?

    The BIM 360 Docs free tier provides users with access to the service for a single project.  There are no limits to the number of users who can be invited to a project, and no limit on the number of files. The free tier offers limited permission control, allowing permissions to be set at the root folder level, not sub-folders.  It also limits file type support to 2D drawing and 3D model file types.

    The paid subscription offers all available product features and can be used to manage multiple projects through a single account.  

  • Will trial users be forced to pay for a subscription when the trial period ends?

    No. Upon completion of the trial period, accounts will be transitioned to the free tier product level.