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The BIM Level 2 Toolkit: Your Path to Compliance

26th April 2016
Posted by Julie Jacobson

BIM Level 2 UK Mandate

BIM Level 2 is now a requirement for all government construction projects in the United Kingdom.  That means it’s now your responsibility as a contractor to demonstrate that you are “BIM Level 2 Ready” by detailing the processes you will use to meet the project requirements and adhere to the new standards. 

The BIM Level 2 Basics

In a nutshell, BIM Level 2 defines what, when and how information should be created, shared and managed.  If you are just becoming familiar with BIM Level 2, our BIM Level 2 infographic will help you understand what the mandate consists of, what standards you need to meet, and everything else you need to know as you begin to think about BL2 compliance.   

BIM Level 2 Infographic Explains Key Elements

To learn more, check out the entire BIM Level 2 infographic


And don’t take our word for it.  Stay in touch with the industry and hear what they’re talking about – check out the CIOB article in Construction Manager. Get trained on BIM Level 2 through the online CPD portal.  And when you start to think, “Is the industry even ready for BIM Level 2?”, hear from more than 150 businesses ranging from the giants of the industry to smaller contractors, and see where they are on their BIM journey by downloading our Construction News Report.


Construction News Report BIM Level 2 Readiness

Get more info by downloading the full Construction News Report


Understanding the Impacts

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you will probably need a little more direction, so be sure to check out our BIM Level 2 white paper.  As we find ourselves in the midst of a multi-year effort to reform the way in which the UK government procures construction, this paper summarizes the mandate and gives a solid direction on relevant standards and specifications.  It will also help you better understand how Autodesk solutions can help you comply with the mandate.

Understand the Impacts of BIM Level 2 Whitepaper

Understand the impacts by downloading our free BIM Level 2 whitepaper


Getting Started with BIM Level 2

Now that you’re an expert on BIM Level 2 and ready to get started, you’ll want to attend our Webinar: Autodesk Solutions and BIM Level 2. Let our experts guide you through:

  • The 6 simple steps to implement BIM Level 2 projects.
  • How to respond to the UK BIM Level 2 requirements.
  • Configuring your existing Autodesk solutions to support the mandate and specifically BS 1192.4 (COBie) and PAS 1192.2 (Information Management).

Common Data Environment (CDE)

Compliance with Level 2 requires the construction industry to collaborate more efficiently as we use information technology to support the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the government’s built assets. The use of collaborative 3D BIM processes will assist with a successful response to these mandates on all centrally funded public projects. 

BIM 360 Docs CDE Graph

BIM Level 2 compliance requires a CDE

Get Started with BIM 360 Docs for Free

BIM 360 Docs was designed to support collaborative project information delivery and a provide a single source of information for a project, across all phases. To learn more about BIM 360 Docs or to sign-up for a free account, visit

BIM 360 Docs for BIM Level 2

Still have BIM Level 2 questions?

Post them in the comments below!

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