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Andy J. Egan Co. Improves Communication with Construction Software

21st April 2016
Posted by Tristam Wallace


Andy J Egan Improves Communication with Construction Software


Doing Things Right the First Time

The team at Andy J. Egan Company, a full-service mechanical contractor for commercial, industrial and institutional application, is on the cutting-edge of construction software technology, including BIM.  Technology sits at the heart of the company philosophy: doing things right the first time.


Andy J Egan Uses Construction Software to Improve Communication

The right software provides instant visibility into project status


Construction Collaboration

One of the most difficult aspects of meeting this philosophy is communication across stakeholders.  Doing things right the first time requires real-time construction collaboration, clear visibility into where projects are at and centralizing the resources and knowledge from across the company. 

Andy Egan Co. uses the Autodesk BIM 360 portfolio – including BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue – to communicate better.




Coordination & Clash Detection

A simple example is design coordination and clash detection.  Like many contractors, Andy Egan used to hold weekly coordination meetings to discuss designs, and identify and resolve clashes.  While effective, these scheduled meetings created lapses in time between when project stakeholders would get together to discuss the design.

Hosting models in the cloud and providing real-time access to their stakeholders with BIM 360 Glue has freed Andy Egan from the restraints of these scheduled coordination meetings.  Now, these weekly coordination meetings have been replaced with emails.  When clashes are detected, team members are immediately notified by email, with links to the specific areas of the model that need to be addressed.  If a resolution causes another clash, it can quickly be identified and sent out to the effected person or company for immediate resolution. 

Andy J Egan uses BIM 360 Glue Construction Software

BIM 360 is used to detect clashes, markup models, and communicate them to rest of the team


This streamlines communication and helps to identify issues earlier in the process, which helps Andy J. Egan ensure that projects come in on time, and under budget.  And meet the company goal of doing things right the first time. 

As Chris Weaver, director of technology for Andy J. Egan, explains: 

“Construction technology and using the BIM services is no longer something that we do just to be more efficient.  We do it because we have to.  We want to not only stay ahead of the curve, but way ahead of the curve.”


In part two of this post, we’ll cover how Andy J. Egan is bringing construction software technology to the field.

Andy J Egan Project Team Collaborates

“BIM 360 Glue simply allows us to communicate better.”

Andy J. Egan has been doing so much impressive work, we couldn’t fit it all into one article. 

READ: Andy J. Egan Co. – Smarter Construction Collaboration and find out why: 

“We’ve really embraced the technology, we’re excited with how far we’ve come, and we’re even more excited about where the technology is going and how much more we can capitalize on the direction that we are moving with Autodesk.” — Chris Weaver, director of technology for Andy J. Egan


How are you using construction software in your business?

Let us know in the comments below!

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