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A New World Order for Construction Document Management

3rd December 2015
Posted by Tristam Wallace

This week, at Autodesk University in Las Vegas, we introduced the newest product in the Autodesk BIM 360 portfolio, BIM 360 Docs. Formerly marketed under Project Alexandria, BIM 360 Docs represents a “new world order” for construction document management.


BIM 360 Docs – Construction Document Management Solution

♦ Ensures that the entire construction project team is building from the correct version of documents and plans.

♦ Tailored for the needs of the AEC industry and designed to connect all project stakeholders.

♦ Delivers powerful tools for publishing, managing, reviewing and approving all project plans, models and documents from the earliest phase of a project through owner occupancy.

♦ A cloud-based service — accessible at the desktop or mobile devices — to deliver anywhere, anytime collaborative access to the entire project team.

The response to BIM 360 Docs at Autodesk University this week has been tremendous. Here’s Autodesk’s own Stacy Scopano making the announcement to a Standing-Room-Only crowd:



So what is everyone excited about?  Quite simply, there are some major problems with how the construction industry manages documents today. First, there are countless products on the market today that aim to address construction document management. File sharing apps, plan viewing apps, PDF markup apps, etc. The problem is that using all of these apps — and often times different apps for different stakeholders — is that it creates siloes of information. Siloes of information are bad.

Second, while design stakeholders are adopting BIM at a rapid rate, construction is still driven by documentation and construction project owners remain responsible for aggregating information, controlling versions, extracting information and routing information to the consumer. This leads to many problems around time, cost and quality. BIM 360 is a document management platform that is focused on improving these 2D workflows.

And third, there needs to be a bridge between 2D and 3D workflows. By offering a document management platform that supports linked 2D and 3D processes, BIM 360 Docs will unleash the insights, efficiencies and analytics powers of BIM to more construction workflows.

Let us know what you think about this announcement in the comments section below!

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BIM 360 Docs Construction Document Management

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5 comments on “A New World Order for Construction Document Management”

  1. Pete Battisti says:

    A step in the right direction, but not solving the issues subcontractors commonly experience on large projects.

    1. Adam Higgins says:

      Hi Pete! Thanks for your comment. What are your thoughts on how we can improve?

  2. Sean Nolan says:

    Hi there, I am a 3rd level final year student in Ireland and I am currently working on my dissertation. I have chosen to base my dissertation on ‘online document management systems’ as I believe this is the future of document management in the construction industry. I would really appreciate if I could discuss BIM 360 Docs with someone who has a bit of knowledge in the field as I have been carrying out some research over the past couple of months. Can anybody be of assistance?

    1. Adam Higgins says:

      Hi Sean – of course we’d love to assist with this! Keep an eye on your Gmail…we’ll be emailing you soon.

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