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BIM 360 Docs: The Construction App Recap

11th December 2015
Posted by Adam Higgins

Last week, the construction app BIM 360 Docs was unveiled at Autodesk University Las Vegas. The industry is still buzzing about the announcement and the response has been so positive, we just had to share what others have been saying about the cloud-based document management solution.

The Press:

“More than a few customers are already anxious to use the new tool, which will not be offered commercially until early next year. In fact, several designers, general contractors, engineers, owners and operators all participated in its development and testing, providing feedback throughout.” – BuiltWorlds

built worlds-au-bim-360-docs-announcement

Autodesk University, courtesy of BuiltWorlds

“One potential advantage of Autodesk’s BIM 360 Docs over ProjectWise is that it will probably work well with Autodesk products and affiliates. For those in the AEC industry who find themselves beholden to Autodesk products, this holds quite a lot of potential.” –

BIM 360 Docs Announcement Image

BIM 360 Docs offers anytime, anywhere access via mobile-first design

“Clearly aimed square at competitors such as Bentley ProjectWise, Bluebeam Studio and Newforma, this marks a sophisticated, modern commitment to document and model sharing at the construction site or in the office in ways that former solutions like Buzzsaw and Design Review could not have made traction.” – ParadigmShift

BIM 360 Docs Screenshot

Create and share markups for collaborative design reviews with the team

“Formerly known as Project Alexandria, BIM 360 Docs takes a lot of the pain out of rework (a task that takes up to 25% of any construction project) and reduces materials that are wasted during the process.” – TechnicallySpeaking

AU BIM 360 Docs Announcement

Stacy Scopano unveiling BIM 360 Docs to the AU crowd.

“In the keynote address at Autodesk University, the company’s Stacy Scopano, a senior strategy manager for construction, explained that features included the ability to automatically extract 2D pdf documents and plans from a Navisworks design model, and allowing them to be viewed side by side on any device.” – BIM+

BIM 360 Docs SRO AU

Standing Room Only for Presentation of BIM 360 Docs at AU

“Solving the “single source of truth” problem in the AEC industry is really the biggest productivity hurdle that exist in construction. Another construction industry software provider has cited research that says that the actual “wrench time”—the time when builders are actually building—is just 30 percent of the day. The other 70 percent of the day is spent solving issues like logistics of materials and manpower, organizing construction workflow and obtaining the correct information.” – Architosh

Social Buzz:

We sure do love press, but we love hearing directly from our customers more…


What was formerly “Project Alexandria” is now Autodesk BIM 360 Docs from Autodesk.

Posted by TITAN AEC on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


BIM360 Docs site is now live at: known as Project Alexandria, the official media….

Posted by What Revit Wants on  Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Booth Talk

The AU crowd certainly did not hide their enthusiasm for the new construction app. In fact, many expressed their happiness verbally to the BIM 360 crew working the booth. 

“Where have you been all my life?” – Unknown

Mob Scene at BIM 360 Docs Construction App Booth

Mob Scene at the BIM 360 Docs Booth

“I’m kind of obsessed with this product” – Anonymous

Sure, we could go on, but there will be plenty of opportunities to share customer experiences and media sentiment as more users get onboard and we approach 2016 commercial release.

Until then…


BIM 360 Construction App Team

The Autodesk Construction Team

Do you think we missed an important mention? Or maybe you just have something to share? If so, PLEASE post it in the comments below. 

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3 comments on “BIM 360 Docs: The Construction App Recap”

  1. Romeu says:


    I’m from Brazil! I attended the BIM 360 booth and was interviewed to comment about the BIM 360 docs.

    Is it possible to send us the recorded video of this interview?


    1. Adam Higgins says:

      Hi Romeu — the video is still being edited, but should be online early January. We are looking forward to it as well. Thanks for participating!

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