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Making real-time project coordination a reality

11th September 2015
Posted by Tristam Wallace
LKCo uses BIM 360 Glue for real-time project coordinationDeploying BIM promises enhanced collaboration and project coordination across teams to help save time, lower costs and deliver projects faster.  But realizing those benefits at projects being built using BIM — like the new Chao Center on the Harvard Business School campus — largely depends on the adoption of real-time project coordination tools by the entire team in the field. Read our case study to learn the communication, training and adoption techniques that Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. (LKCo) used to roll out Autodesk BIM 360 Glue.  Now, the entire Chao Center project team — including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors, and project architects — are saving “massive amounts of time” by improving the project coordination process in real time and solving problems faster. Looking to deploy cloud-based BIM coordination tools on your project?  Sign up for a 30-day trial of BIM 360 Glue. Lee Kennedy Co. Inc.“LKCo is always encouraging our project teams and our partners to push the use of new technology and new resources to drive greater efficiency on projects.” – Adam Settino, VDC Manager, LKCo
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