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Announcing: BIM 360 Field for iPad ver 4.9

30th September 2015
Posted by Krystian Macek

Construction software users rejoice — BIM 360 Field for iPad version 4.9 is now available in the App Store. This new release focuses primarily around improving the overall mobile sync experience, reducing the amount of data transfer during sync and giving you more options to control photo quality and file size.

Sync Improvements

30% sync time savings for our largest projects!  With sync performance improvements, our customers will notice that sync is more stable and will complete significantly faster.  Additionally, our users will notice improved sync progress tracking and clearer messaging.

Photo Time Stamps

Project administrators now have the ability to place time stamp information whenever a photo is taken within Field mobile. Photo time stamps play crucial part when documenting QA/QC process and could be used as supporting evidence in cases when legal action is required.

Other BIM 360 Field for iPad version 4.9 updates include:

BIM 360 Field for iPad Photo Quality seeting


Easily Adjust Photo Quality Settings

New Photo Quality setting is now available in Field mobile iPad settings.  Setting Photo Quality to Medium or Low, will greatly reduce file size and sync time while minimally affecting the actual image quality.



BIM 360 Field for iPad Photo Example


Control Photo Time Stamps

Project administrators can now control photo time stamps for all photos taken in Field 4.9+. In Field Web, go to Project Admin > Details > Place Timestamp on all photos taken in BIM 360 Field for iPad.   Additionally, photo “Taken At” date and time information is now available for attachments




BIM 360 Field for iPad Location InfoLocation Services

Latitude and longitude data is available as part of Photo Exit information. To enable location info storage within Field Photos, on your iPad got to Settings > BIM 360 Field > Location


BIM 360 Field for iPad Floor plan Pushpin 

Enhanced Pushpin Functionality

List view feature further enhances the grouped pushpin functionality, allowing users to more easily interact with multiple pushpins when placed in close proximity on a floor plan.



Ready to get started with BIM 360 Field for iPad?

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