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Daily Update Feature Now Available on the BIM 360 Field iPad App

7th April 2015
Posted by Paul Walker
Last November we released the long awaited daily updates feature within the BIM 360 Field web environment. The feature allows licensed users of BIM 360 Field to create, manage, and share their jobsite performance reporting to project stakeholders within the same interface they use for punch lists, equipment tracking, and general field data management needs. We are now happy to report that the daily update functionality is now available on the BIM 360 Field iOS app for iPad! With this update, all of your jobsite performance detail can be synced between the BIM 360 Field web environment in the trailer and the BIM 360 Field iPad app on the jobsite—and vice-versa. For non-BIM 360 Field customers, or for those current customers that haven’t yet utilized daily updates in the web environment, we have summarized the top 5 features which are covered in the screenshots below:
  1. View daily update status (completed or in process) by day within a monthly calendar 
  2. Automated weather and forecast population in each daily report
  3. Track labor and manpower: Who is doing what, when and where
  4. Capture progress made on the project. Including issues, work completed, project delays, visitors, and even photos
  5. Automated sync between cloud and mobile for easy collaboration with project teams
  1 In the daily updates calendar view, you can easily see what days’ worth of updates have been completed/signed-off, and those that are in process.  (Dark Green = Completed) (Light Green = In Process)   2   A key factor for schedule delays on any project are the weather conditions.  Daily updates on the iPad provide automated population of weather and forecast information.  Additionally, the weather fields can be manually edited to accommodate specific local conditions.   3   As in the daily updates web version, you can now track and enter labor and manpower details for each day. For example, you can document which companies were onsite and what work each of the companies performed.   4 When drafting your daily update, you can easily provide a summary of the progress made on the project in the General Notes area.  This can also include images, issues, work completed, project delays, visitors, etc. 5 The addition of daily updates to the BIM 360 iPad app ushers in a new Auto Sync feature. As long as you are connected to the internet, any data entered will upload to the cloud automatically upon saving the daily update. If you are interested in learning more about the daily update feature within BIM 360 Field, be sure to check out the following resources:
  1. Visit our Autodesk Help Center for loads of articles and helpful information
  2. View the BIM 360 Field daily updates overview video here
  3. Interact and correspond with other BIM 360 Field users and our support team here
The new feature is currently available for download within the BIM 360 Field app on the Apple App Store. Click here to download today.  
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