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Chewie, We’re Home! #empireBIMcrew Videos and presentation from AU and BSL

17th April 2015
Posted by Lee Mullin

There’s only one topic of conversation in the office this morning, how many times have you seen it? If you have no idea what I’m on about, you need to stop what you are doing for 2 minutes and watch this. 1 Back now? How many people just clicked on it to watch it again? Thought so! Anyway, as a massive Star Wars fan (geek), I’ve been far too giddy about this for too long as anyone who follows me on Twitter will realise. So last night I was ready to publish a blog about the cool new features in AutoCAD using Navisworks and BIM 360 technology, but immediately realised that will have to wait till next week… Priorities! I’ve been lucky enough to present a couple of Star Wars themed classes at Autodesk University in Vegas and more recently BIM Show Live in the UK about workflows between products, using Star Wars themed datasets. I wanted to share some of the videos created for these presentations. The last presentation was about how Han and Chewie (I can’t believe Chewie got the best line in the trailer!), had to renovate the Millennium Falcon after winning it from Lando. So first up, design review in BIM 360 Glue: – Then quickly setting up Search Sets for advanced Navisworks use, with help from a familiar friend… Setting up custom properties to collect in BIM 360 Field… Point Cloud Analysis in Autodesk Revit using the Point Layout add in, guess who ran into this wall… And finally we found the Millennium Falcon at Pinewood studios using Infraworks 360 There’s lots more videos in the full Autodesk University Star Wars Youtube playlist and the AU presentations with lots of tips and tricks are below: – The #empireBIMcrew Strikes Back Building the Death Star the Autodesk Way (includes video of presentation) Thanks to everyone who helped me pull together datasets, from Dace Campbell and his USB charing GNK to David Light and his amazing Revit RFA of the Falcon and many more! 2

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