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BIM 360 Field: Versions for your documents!

10th February 2015
Posted by Julie Jacobson
Spotlight of the Week: Guest Blogger Krystian Macek 1Krystian Macek is a BIM 360 Field Product Manager at Autodesk.   Krystian leads the efforts in helping companies in the construction industry improve safety, quality and commissioning processes through the lens of technology.   Having access to the latest version of your construction drawings in the field is key in reducing rework and cost.  Think about how many times you’ve had a subcontractor ask you a specific question while on the job site.  You need to make sure you have the most current set of drawings, which sometimes means even walking back to the trailer to get the latest update. Now, BIM 360 Field has made it easier to confirm you’re working with the most recent update of construction drawings by giving you the ability to manage different versions of the documents in your Library.  With the newly released capability called automatic versioning, your team will always have access to the latest version of construction documents, with the ability to view the history of any document through older versions in the Library.  Anytime you upload a document, a new version is automatically created and that new document is “slid” under any pins or markup that you created.
BIM 360 Field Versioning
How does it work? Click on the triangle on the bottom right of the document to open the document history where you can see all past versions and any tags or locations associated with it. How are my versions sequenced? Versions are ordered according to upload date.  Document managers have the option to revert to an older version by simply uploading the specific version again or by clicking delete next to the current version from the top. Where are the latest versions shown? You can find the most recent document in the Library thumbnails (in Pushpins view), and on attachments from the Library in issues, tasks, checklists, and equipment. The latest document version “slides” under everything completed with the prior version and is always available on the web and on the BIM 360 Field iPad app. What happens to my markup and tags? All markup and tags are automatically transferred to your latest drawing version.  New versions of documents are automatically “slid” under wherever the document is referenced from an issue, location, attachment.   Thank you to everyone in our BIM 360 Field community who suggested document versioning enhancements.  We appreciate your input.  Please keep the ideas coming! If you would like to learn more about BIM 360 Field, please feel free take our virtual tour here. It is one of the easiest ways to understand the product functionality based on your role in construction.
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4 comments on “BIM 360 Field: Versions for your documents!”

  1. Hello Krystian,
    Not to be offensive but why does Autodesk point its efforts on making BIM 360 Field a new type of a Document Management System, where all documents are saved locally instead of pointing the effort on making connections to the existing leading DMS’s (SharePoint / Vault) which have a load more DMS capabilities (including versioning).

  2. Julie Jacobson says:

    Thanks for your comment. While BIM 360 Field is not a replacement for your document management system of record, there are some capabilities that our user community has asked for including better support for versioning. Having access to historical data during and after a construction phase is critical for our users. We see the need to tie document versions to historical quality data in in BIM 360 Field, hence the need to support versions. Our customers typically load their documents into Field from their Document Management Systems of record using our API’s or third party solutions such as SkySync (

  3. Matt Smith says:

    The problem with this, is that the document retains the original file name, which more often than not includes the revision, which doesn’t instill confidence in the user out in the field is looking at the right version.

  4. Julie Jacobson says:

    Matt, we understand the need to give users flexibility with version names. While the automated versioning depends on filename match, Field will also allow unique names across versions.

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