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Extending The BIM 360 Ecosystem With Component Content

3rd November 2014
Posted by Paul Walker
When we launched the new BIM 360 Layout app and feature within BIM 360 Glue, we also updated Autodesk Point Layout to accommodate the capability of easily pushing and pulling models with layout points to and from the BIM 360 Glue web environment.  These updates put the finishing touches on a digital, model-driven ecosystem that connects the point creation process in the office directly to the construction layout process on the jobsite.  (See the workflow diagram here )  And with the connections between client, cloud and mobile in place, we now could start on the next horizon…content. Content, Content, Content So less than a month after introducing BIM 360 Layout to the market, we are now dedicating time to working with component vendors to extend the ecosystem by adding their content to the workflow.  The ultimate goal is simple:  Create a plug and play library of modeled components with Autodesk Point Layout points that can be easily dropped into a model and then pushed through the ecosystem. Imagine working in Revit, detailing your mechanical runs of duct or pipe, and being able to drop a deck insert as a Revit family into your model.  Then, once the insert is placed throughout your model, you can upload into the BIM 360 Glue web environment—knowing that the Autodesk Point Layout points (needed for field layout) are already in the Revit family.  From there, your field engineer opens the BIM 360 Layout app on his/her iPadTM—downloads the model with points and begins laying-out and staking those insert locations for installation.  That’s an ecosystem! 1   Enter Powers Fasteners We are happy to provide access to our first components modeled as a Revit family—with Autodesk Point Layout points available for this workflow:  Powers Fasteners Wood-KnockerTM and Bang-ItTM Concrete Inserts. 2 For those that don’t know the folks at Powers Fasteners, they are a global company specializing in the manufacturing and technical marketing of quality anchoring and fastening products for concrete, masonry, steel and wood. To download the Revit model files, bookmark the resource page here or click on each of the links below based on your insert type.  NOTE:  The download link contains zipped model files for each of the different diameter sizes per insert.   Wood-Knocker Wood Form Insert (Download the Autodesk Revit .RFA files)   3   Bang-It Metal Deck Insert (Download the Autodesk Revit .RFA files) 4    
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1 comment on “Extending The BIM 360 Ecosystem With Component Content”

  1. I find the Ecosystem concept amazing, adding or revising components in a project and be available to the people in the field in a matter of minutes will definitely increase productivity, it will reduce construction delays and cost.

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