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Autodesk® Exchange Apps Hackathon September 20-21

31st August 2014
Posted by Lee Mullin
You may have noticed in the top right corner of most of your Autodesk applications a little X, ever tried clicking it? It’ll take you through to the Autodesk Exchange App Store for your product, this year we launched our Navisworks App Store, where developers from all over the world can upload their apps and make them available to the world. 1 For example currently on the newly released Navisworks 2015 App Exchange there are free apps like Properties+ to summarise which properties you see in your view, a PDF reader for Navisworks, allowing you to add many more drawings to your Quantification project, Prokon Timeliner Wizard to help create Timeliner entries, to a trial of Surveyor which can be used to report on properties in the model and from a database. We know quite a few of you have built little plugins, and used the API to extend the use of Navisworks, Revit and AutoCAD over the years, we’re encouraging you to join our online Hackathon on the 20th and 21st September. Allowing you to publish these apps and be in with a chance of receiving up to US$100 per app published and win one of eight iPad minis! The Autodesk Exchange Apps Hackathon will run from 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Saturday, September 20 to 4:00 p.m. September 21.  Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world and at any time both before the event and during the Hackathon days.  The Hackathon is a free event and offers a cash reward for apps published (up to 5 apps).  You can also participate in the “Cloud App” and “Sustainability App” competitions for a chance to win an iPad mini. Autodesk has assembled a great line up of industry and product app development specialists to lead interactive discussions and sessions on architecting apps for the Exchange store as well as how to use a new Autodesk API such as one of our web service APIs. Great for those looking at extending the use of BIM 360 Glue and Field, more info on those API’s can be found on the 360 View Blog. For full details and registration and visit the Autodesk Exchange Apps Hackathon event pages.
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