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Point Layout 2015 is here!

24th June 2014
Posted by Sunny Hira

It was less than a year ago that we launched Point Layout. Here is a quick refresher on Point Layout:


Autodesk Point Layout automatically generates points from models within Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Autodesk Navisworks software. As you add points to the design, you embed X, Y, and Z coordinate information into your model. Each X, Y, and Z coordinate includes a unique point number and description. You can use the data you added to the model to inform the coordination process throughout the project lifecycle. Then you can export point coordinates to your compatible total station in the field so you lay out more accurate points, more quickly, reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.

No matter how well you’ve coordinated the models used to design the project, there’s no good way to check that points have been laid out with precision. Point Layout software changes all that. Point Layout software allows people from across the project team—and from multiple disciplines—to create points from their BIM or CAD models in the office. In the field, a construction worker locates them with a robotic total station that has laser-guided, pinpoint accuracy. A single person can lay out hundreds of points in a day. You can also bring points shot in the field back into the design model, making it easier to verify construction quality and update the as-built mode


Here is what you will find new in the 2015 release of Point Layout:


  • Support for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks 2015 releases.
  • New Preview guide with separate sections for AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks.
  • Code mapping functionality added: Codemapping allows the user to map descriptions to a Code, and include these mapped codes when creating their export files. Various field layout software’s will use this code to control the visual display of points.
  • Return Network License: Users on network licenses can now return their licenses without closing out of Revit or AutoCAD. Navisworks will automatically return it’s license when the button pallet is closed.
  • Network Licensing: Will now automatically check for and use environment variable if it exists.
  • Better support for Metric value entry added anywhere the need was found.


  • Support for Advanced Concrete custom grids added to Control Points Mark grid intersections function.
  • Increased compatibility with Autodesk Fabrication items.
  • Electrical tab now uses Electrical point type when adding Conduit hangers/points.



  • Dynamic point descriptions: Points can now contain triggers that allow the description to contain values pulled from parameters of the point, or the family the point is nested in.
  • Point Cloud Analysis fine level control: Users can now specify the maximum number of points to be analyzed per face, and the average distance between points to be analyzed, allowing for a high level of control over the analysis and processing time.
  • Slab Analysis/Point Cloud Analysis now allow negation of values. This allows, for example, analysis done from a reflected ceiling view of a slab to report positive values when the deviation is below the slab.
  • When exporting points, user can now append to an existing points file.
  • All ribbon items now have their own icons.
  • Option to export to DWG format alongside current DXF export option.



  • When exporting points, user can now append to an existing points file.
  • Automapping and Codemapping now available within Navisworks
  • Navisworks points orgin now set to be within the bounding area of existing models to avoid expanding the federated models bounding area when large coordinate systems are used.
  • Automated point creation on selected objects.
  • Increased compatibility with Non-English versions.

Don’t forget, you can access the free 30-day 2015 trial here.

If you have questions in regards to specific new features or want share your thoughts, let us know and visit the Point Layout forum page on the Autodesk Community site.

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