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Building a Community with BIM 360

12th June 2014
Posted by Sunny Hira
Staying connected to a topic whether it is a sport, hobby, or an industry can be a challenging thing. As we know, today’s world is filled with a myriad of distractions both personal and professional that compete with our time—distancing us from the threads that keep us connected and informed. To complicate matters more, solutions like BIM 360 are so progressive in nature—changing and adding features so rapidly that even the well-intended among us struggle to keep-up. And up until now, the methods and mediums for keeping pace with the BIM 360 business have been vast and de-centralized. As a customer or casual observer within the industry, you may have experienced this dynamic—grabbing information in this blog, across our social media channels, or even Autodesk internal websites whenever and wherever you could. 1 The Autodesk BIM 360 team acknowledged this fact after our interactions with customers and construction industry attendees this past Autodesk University. We took your feedback and suggestions and got to work! We knew what we had to do and promptly set a plan in motion to provide a smoother experience for our customers and the broad BIM 360 audience. While many definitions of “community” exist, we felt that most fell a bit short in terms of what we wanted to provide. Some define community as assisting customers with answers to their questions (aka forum). Other definitions only center on the collaborative or social elements. We decided that the best way to truly connect with customers and a broad construction audience was to bring both forum and social aspects to light. A community ecosystem is born! 2 The BIM 360 Community Portal (Social, News & Rich Media)     Launched this week, the BIM 360 Portal combines a centralized reference to the following BIM 360 content and social channels: Tweets, Facebook Posts, Beyond-Design Blog Posts, and YouTube playlists. No more searching for the latest post or Tweet, the Autodesk BIM 360 Portal fuses all relevant social channels and content into a singular website—updated automatically as new content is curated. Viewing on a mobile device? No problem. The portal is fully responsive, adapting to any viewport on the go! 3 The BIM 360 Community Forum (Support, Ideas & Feature Requests) For current customers of the BIM 360 Solution and individuals looking to find out more about the products, the BIM 360 Community Forum provides the ultimate venue for interacting with thought leaders and Autodesk Support personnel. Also launched this week, the BIM 360 Community Forum allows existing BIM 360 Field or BIM 360 Glue customers to login via their account credentials and ask questions about specific issues or provide new feature enhancement ideas to our product teams. For those looking to browse the questions and answers posted, no Autodesk account is needed. 4 Note: this system will not replace the current BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue Support Centers, but merely enhance the ways you can interact and obtain assistance with your questions. 5 Bookmark the BIM 360 Community Portal 
  • The community portal is your single source of information. Get all your BIM 360 Field and Glue updates from blog posts, YT videos to product information in one centralized place!
Bookmark the BIM 360 Community Forum:
  • This is your one-stop shop for product and technical needs. Get access to the experts and ask questions about specific issues or features.
Check out the sites and let us know your thoughts. I would love to get your feedback! ~Sunny
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