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Adding data from the field to your model just got easier…

7th April 2014
Posted by Pete Billante
…with BIM 360 Field and Glue Integration! 1For a longtime we’ve been talking about “Field BIM” and the value of augmenting your models with data from the field.  Whether for tracking the installation and startup of systems and equipment for commissioning, or material tracking and visual progress reporting, there are tons of great uses.  Many BIM 360 customers have already shown us the benefits of having that near real-time information from the jobsite in your model for coordination meetings and task planning.  Now, by harnessing the power of the BIM 360 cloud, connecting the field to your models for any construction project is even easier. Let’s say you want to improve your weekly coordination and planning meetings by sharing the status of your commissioning process with all of the key stakeholders including the core project team, key subcontractors, and the owner, on your project in an easy and visual way.  Because BIM 360 Glue and BIM 360 Field share the same common project data, you can have the Field updates appear automatically in Glue, and likewise have models and model data from Glue appear automatically in Field.
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Updating the status of this pump to installed on your BIM 360 Field iPad app now instantly is visible in BIM 360 Glue in a new tab called “Equipment”.
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And here’s the best part – it’s all automatic.  The commissioning team or mechanical contractor doesn’t need to do anything different than their normal workflow for tracking and updating.  They don’t need special software or even know how to navigate a model – their data is just “there”.  All the tracking info you want to see, and even any photos that might have been taken in the field as part of their work can be accessed right from BIM 360 Glue. And one more thing … heatmaps!  Sometimes a picture can really tell the story, so if you want to share progress information is a great visual way, all of that BIM 360 data can also be visualized automatically in Navisworks.  You can colorize the model according to installation status to see what done and what’s left to do.
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If you’re already using Field and Glue you can get started now, just login to the BIM 360 Field web site and click here to learn how. There’s lots more to talk about with BIM 360 and the connection of Field and Glue, so look for more blog posts in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we’re interested to hear what you think, so let us know!
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  1. Tim Wilson says:

    This is all great information! This has been very helpful, I’m glad I came across this blog! Thanks for sharing!
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