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Connecting the dots – 2015 Product Launch and BIM 360

28th March 2014
Posted by Lee Mullin
It’s the time of year where we head to the hills and start shouting about our new releases, except this year we have something different to shout about. Normally you’ll see us reeling of a list of features for each product we release, which is great, and useful, but we understand not many of you work in isolation on one product all year. Which is why I’m so excited about this year. Yes there’s new product features, yes there’s enhancements and improvements to your favourite products (Revit, Navisworks and AutoCAD), but the difference this year is how connected they all become! With BIM 360 Glue we’ve noticed a huge difference in how design teams are working, they’re collaborating more frequently in the design process rather than in a high pressure review meeting. This is helping improve the quality of designs that get to the construction site and reduce the number of RFI’s as the 3D model is being refined and provides an additional level of information that a 2D drawing doesn’t always convey. In the 2015 releases of Revit, Navisworks and all of the AutoCAD verticals (MEP, Architecture, Civil 3D etc) you’ll find a lovely shiny new BIM 360 toolbar! AutoCAD (and verticals) 1 Revit 2 Navisworks 3 In your design applications this allows you to easily ‘Glue’ the latest version of the model to the cloud from this toolbar, no messy plugins, and also pull down Clash pinpoints, clashes in the model found by yourself or others, allowing you to really quickly find the issue and resolve it there and then. In Navisworks you can Glue a previously coordinated model from within the application, but more importantly, you can open a live BIM 360 Glue model straight into Navisworks, no problems with versioning, or working out if your file is out of date! This brings me to what you can do with that model when you open the live coordinated model in Navisworks! As well as advanced workflows that have been possible for years like construction simulation, walkthroughs, advanced clashing (time based, animated objects, advanced rules) and rendering (which has been moved up a notch with Rendering in the Cloud!), you’ll now also be able to do much much more with Quantification. Quantification is vital for a range of roles, from estimators to planners to site managers to members of the design team. Improvements for 2015 include 2D quantification to add additional detail to your model based take off, take-off mapping allowing you to easilyu set up different property mappings for standard measurements, and the ability to take off multiple items on the same node, meaning should you wish to, you can take off the entire model in a single drag and drop. More details about all of these features in the coming weeks, and we didn’t even mention additional integration between BIM 360 Glue and Field……
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2 comments on “Connecting the dots – 2015 Product Launch and BIM 360”

  1. Milad says:

    I have Nawisworks 2015 but there is no new toolbar for BIM 360!
    should I inistall BIM 360 add-in to have access to this toolbar?!

  2. Sunny Hira says:

    @Milad: Did you untick the BIM 360 install plug-in by accident? By default it should download. I wonder if it got unticked while you were downloading. The product team is looking into this.

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