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Three ways to efficiently communicate project issues using markups in BIM 360 Glue

21st January 2014
Posted by Thomas Schwaiger
It’s often easy to see project issues as you navigate a model or look at drawings. Communicating these so they get resolved is another matter, first you have to document the problem and then the recipient has to understand what you mean and find the problem location. Now, imagine this process could be simplified by drawing and commenting on a model view which is then shared with all relevant project participants so that they can add their own comments and markups. Think of an email thread that is connected to your model and readily accessible to the entire project team. I’ll show you how you can do just that with BIM 360 Glue and take the pain out of the communication for these project issues, via web, mobile and desktop app. First somebody on the project identifies an issue. He/she highlights it through a markup circling the issue and some descriptive text. Note that it does not have to be a problem – it could also be a visual way of asking for approval of a design change. To help with tracking these issues, put it in a folder e.g. “Open issues”. You may also rename it so it is easily recognizable for other project members. 1 Don’t wait until others discover the issue – notify them! BIM 360 Glue lets you send emails directly to your project members by clicking the envelope icon. The email includes a hyperlink that takes the user straight to the issue you wanted them to look at. 2 Other project participants receive an email that looks like this. Hopefully you have provided some meaningful text and they will click on the link “Take me there”. 3 The first user adds a comment to it and starts building up a communication trail. In this case, it’s the user with the reviewer role (see this post BIM 360 Glue – Easy, Accessible Reviews for the Extended Project Team) accessing BIM 360 Glue through the browser, where he/she can review the markup, and add his/her own markup items and text comments. Again he/she can finish his/her work by notifying others on the project directly from within BIM 360 Glue. 4 The next user receives the notification email on his/her iPad. Tapping the link takes him/her straight to the BIM 360 Glue app and shows the relevant markup. Read this post BIM 360 Glue Collaboration Goes Mobile for more details on the markup features on the iPad. 5 TIP: you can expand and collapse the communication thread in the markup panel to show more or fewer details by using the pinch zoom gesture on the panel on the right. This user can now also add his/her remarks through markups and text, and may even do so when offline. His/her changes are synchronized as soon as he/she goes back online again. And finally you can also notify project members about your comments directly from the BIM 360 Glue mobile app, thereby keeping everyone up to date. 6 This can go over several iterations and anyone on the project can start this process from any place: desktop, web or mobile device – it’s all connected! Finally as good practice remember to move the markup to a folder such as “Resolved” once the issue has been resolved. -Thomas
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