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Looking forward to Autodesk University 2013

25th October 2013
Posted by Pete Billante
1Sunny’s post about Autodesk University (AU) made me think about how I’m more excited than ever to go back this year and reconnect with all the incredible BIM 360 Field customers. Annual events like AU are great milestones to both look back at what happened over the course of the year, but also to look forward to think about where we might go. Before I get started, if you’re a Building Design Suite user, you should check out the Get Sweet on the Suite contest.  You could go to AU for free! Looking back at last year’s BIM 360 Field (Vela) Customer Advistory Group (CAG) meeting at AU, a few highlights come to mind:
    • 13

      At last year’s 2012 meeting we had thirteen customer presenters! That’s right, almost all of the presentations and discussions on BIM 360 Field last year were led by you, our customers. Thank you! There were presentations from Skanska detailing the ROI of Field Management, and speakers from Turner Construction on how to work with Subcontractors when using BIM 360 Field. In addition to panels and presentations on working with owners and managing company-wide rollouts, and other great topics.
Will Senner (Skanska) spoke at AU 2012 on bringing BIM to the Field
    • 136

      We had a packed house with 136 of our customers’ senior field leadership for the two-day event dedicated to BIM 360 Field. I especially enjoyed all the time we spent talking about the programs to use BIM 360 Field and how it was helping every day to revolutionize the way that work was being done on your jobsites.
    • 600 3

      I could be rounding the total count here, but we used nearly 600 special BIM 360 Field casino chip stickers to prioritize potential future ideas for the BIM 360 Field product.
Thank you to everyone who participated and discussed their companys’ perspectives with the group on what was most important to them, and a special thank you to those folks whose BIM 360 Field stickers that found their way to a few hard hats after AU. This year, there are several new BIM 360 Field related events on the agenda that you might want to add to your schedule. Here’s a few to consider:
    • Jesse Kassinger from Zachary Construction will speak about “Autodesk BIM 360 Field and the University Hospital Case Study” in session CR2281.
    • Mark Taylor from BAM Construct UK will hold a session about “BIM and barcodes: Leveraging field data for construction and operations” in session CR2292.
    • David Burns from McCarthy Building Companies will speak about “Enterprise Deployment Strategies for BIM 360 Field” in session CR3259-R.
    • Our very own “Hard Hat” Matt DePaolis will hold a session titled “Who says I can’t interact with Sexy Super Models?” in CR2393-L which I’m sure you won’t want to miss.
  • The “Construction Field Management with BIM 360” session, which will primarily focus on BIM 360 Field will be held on Tuesday 12/3 from 2:30-4:00pm.
  Are you coming to AU this year? Let us know if so – I hope to see you there. And, if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late. Here’s the link to the AU 2013 registration page.
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