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What’s new in our September release of BIM 360 Glue?

11th September 2013
Posted by Thomas Schwaiger
I’m really excited about our latest update to BIM 360 Glue which includes improved administration across projects, coordination enhancements, and quality and usability improvements. Let’s look at these in more detail. Project-Level Administration: We have added a new Project Admin user role, so that companies with multiple projects can delegate responsibility for securely managing users and access on a project-by-project basis. 1 Admin Reporting: Admins can now export a user report to view users and projects, so that they can more easily monitor access and usage across multiple projects. The report is exported in CSV format that can be opened in Excel for advanced pivot table analysis.2 Clash at a Glance Improvements: Back in July we have added the ability to view all clashes for a project at once. Since we have further enhanced this feature and added the ability to turn on and off the highlighted clash points when viewing the coordinated model, so that you can control your clash viewing experience. Also, when viewing clashes in groups, you can select any clash marker to see more detailed information about the clashing objects. 3 Improved Hyperlink Support: Glue now supports direct hyperlink access for any link associated with any model object property, ensuring team access to the latest project data. This allows your users to quickly reference information like up to date product specifications or internal project pages on Sharepoint directly from the context of your building information model inside BIM 360 Glue. 4 Wondering how you can get these updates? Just start up BIM 360 Glue today and these improvements are available to you without any further action from your side. Just one of the benefits of cloud computing! -Thomas
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