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Three things to know about iOS 7 and your iPad apps for construction

20th September 2013
Posted by Pete Billante
Yesterday, Apple released iOS 7, a major upgrade to the mobile operating system used by both iPhones and iPads. 1 Included in iOS 7 are over 200 changes, plus a dramatic styling update.  While we’d love to go through all of them, we’ve highlighted just a few for the BIM 360 Field or Glue iPad users.

1.  Autodesk BIM 360 Field and Glue apps are iOS 7 ready now!

2 After you upgrade your iPad to iOS 7, you can download the latest versions of BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue from the App Store.  The latest version of both apps are already compatible with iOS 7.

2.  Keep your BIM 360 apps (and other apps) up-to-date automatically.

3One great addition to iOS 7 is the ability to keep all of your apps updated to the latest version — automatically.  This is great for apps like BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue where we are frequently adding new capabilities that you’ll want. To use this on your iPad, just tap “Turn On” when you see the prompt below during the iOS 7 update process. If you missed this prompt, don’t worry.  You can enable automatic app updates by going to the Settings app and choosing iTunes & App Store, and turning on Automatic Downloads for Updates.

3.  Better switching between apps and closing apps

4 Many BIM 360 iPad app users need to switch between a variety of apps while on the job site.  For example, you might be watching a how-to video from the Presentations of Autodesk BIM 360 app, then switch back to BIM 360 Field to follow the steps yourself. iOS 7 comes with a great improvement to help make this easier.  Now, when you double-click the home button, you can scroll through the screenshots of the apps you have running and easily switch back and forth if you need to. Tip: To close apps in iOS 7, now you just drag an app’s screenshot from this view to the top of the screen and it will close and disappear from view.

Is this a small step toward the future of construction tech on the jobsite?

5Oddly enough, Apple has chosen to add a level to iOS7, built in to the compass app. To access it, open the compass and swipe to the left.  The level is a bubble-style level.  Once you move it around you can get a feel for how it works.  It does have one neat feature where you can tap it to set it to zero degrees then measure the difference from that point in addition to being a ‘regular’ level. It’s probably not something that will cause most BIM 360 Field users to get rid of their standard 4 foot magnetic levels, but I can’t help but wonder if like smartwatches, this is a part of a bigger wave to come of embeddable technology that incorporates mobility and sensors that could change the way work is done on the jobsite. ~Pete  
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