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BIM 360 Glue Collaboration Goes Mobile

17th September 2013
Posted by Paul Walker
Today sees the launch of the BIM 360 Glue mobile app for iPad, version 2.0 – and with it, another milestone moment for the solution is met as mobile users are enabled to collaborate with their BIM 360 Glue project team members. This new version provides the ability to create new markups whether online or offline and respond to markups created by other BIM 360 project members. In addition, BIM 360 view and markup notifications are now delivered via the iOS Notification Center, so that you receive alerts even when not using the app. From the feedback we’ve received, I know this functionality has been long awaited, and I’m really excited to be announcing its arrival. Here’s an overview of what the 2.0 release has to offer: Access project markups anytime, anywhere All markups that are created in BIM 360 Glue – in the office or in the field – are stored in the BIM 360 cloud. Upon opening a model, all project model markups are automatically updated and displayed in the Markups panel. To display any new and updated markups for other project members, pull down and release the Markups panel to refresh [requires network connectivity]. 1 Create markups and communicate with BIM 360 Glue project members Add new markups or add responses to existing markups with the intuitive Freehand and Text tools. Share your newly created markups with project members in real-time [network connection required]. 2 You can also delete any markups that you have created by swiping the row in the Markups panel to reveal the Delete button. 3 Offline support Even offline, you can create, notify and delete markups. Once network connectivity is restored, your work will be automatically synchronized with the BIM 360 cloud. 4 Receive iPad Notifications for “One-Click to BIM” In addition to standard email notifications, iPad users will also be able to receive alerts via the iOS Notification Center. Views and Markups that have been shared by other project members will be delivered to the iPad even when you’re not using the app. This will provide “1-click to BIM” functionality, automatically opening the app, loading the relevant model and taking you directly to the shared view or markup. 5 Incremental zoom The Markups panel introduces a new 2-finger pinch/spread interaction (as you would zoom in/out of a photo), enabling you to zoom in/out to see more/less information. Once zoomed in to the Markups panel, you will be able to see longer markup names, along with accessing the latest five responses by author. 6 Improved support for hidden objects in views and markups Views and markups created in BIM 360 Glue may contain hidden objects, such as walls and ceilings. These will continue to be hidden when viewed in the mobile app. If you create a new markup with hidden objects in the Glue mobile app, the precise view will be similarly respected across BIM 360 Glue. Here are a few useful links to find out more, and importantly, where to get the app: Keep your feedback and enhancement requests for the app coming!
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