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Managing your discipline and coordination models with Autodesk Vault

6th August 2013
Posted by Thomas Schwaiger
Today I want to share with you a workflow for coordinating models that are stored inside Autodesk Vault. This allows everyone on the project team to have access to the most up to date models, and share the coordinated model easily within the team. And with a clever integration to Autodesk Buzzsaw you can easily receive individual discipline models and share aggregated results with external partners.

What exactly is Autodesk Vault?

1 At its core Vault is your central place to manage all documents, models, and other files for your projects. Everyone knows where to put information, and therefore where to find it. Some call it the single source of truth. So you might ask why one would use Vault, as a network share surely does the same thing? Yes it does, and Vault does a whole lot more that you probably care about when managing projects with lots of data. Examples are:
  • Built-in audit trail and document history
  • Finding documents easily and quickly
  • Capturing document relationships (XRefs, Revit linked models)
  • Quick previews of models and sheets topped with the ability to manage the workflow of these documents
If you want to learn more please visit this page about Autodesk Vault features. So if you’re already using Vault to manage your AutoCAD drawings, Revit models, Office documents and other project documents, let’s take the next step and look into coordinating models that are in Vault. I also suggest you visit the links mentioned above to see how you can improve collaboration in your project.

Streamlined workflow

The advantages of using Autodesk Vault to manage your coordination model are the following:
  • Central location for discipline and coordinated model
  • Easily append and update coordinated model with discipline models
    Vault ribbon in Navisworks
  • Receive, share models and results with externals by extending Autodesk Vault data management to the cloud through synchronizing with Autodesk Buzzsaw. This allows for automatically pulling down discipline models from external companies into your secure Vault environment.
  • Control workflow states of discipline and coordinated model directly from within Navisworks
    Vault browser in Navisworks
  • Relationship and history tracking of discipline, coordinate model and sheets
  • Easily import 2D sheets that are already inside Vault
  • Quickly see status and key data of discipline and coordinated model inside Navisworks
    Details in Vault browser

How do you make it work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this work for you:
  1. Ensure discipline models are available inside Autodesk Vault
  2. Append from Vault to create your coordination model
  3. Save the Navisworks file set (NWF) locally and check in to Vault. This will add the file to Vault, build the relationship to the discipline models and make it available for others on your team.
  4. Optional: save as Navisworks NWD and also check this into Vault. This will make it possible to share easily and regularly with externals via Autodesk Buzzsaw through the synchronization feature.
You can take this further by applying lifecycle states to your discipline and coordinated models. This will help lock it down and make sure only authorised users can make edits.

Updates to the discipline model

When the discipline model gets updated, i.e. a newer version is available in Autodesk Vault this will automatically update your coordination model next time you open it with Navisworks. Make sure to capture important milestones as Navisworks NWD and check these back into Vault. If the discipline model gets updated while you have the coordination model open in Navisworks you will be notified through the Vault browser status icons that there is an updated version and you simply refresh from Vault. 5
Refreshing data from Vault directly in Navisworks

Workflow diagram

If you like a visual overview of this process below you will find a diagram that illustrates the steps 6 Keep it all tidy in the Vault, Thomas


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