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29th July 2013
Posted by Anthony Governanti
Hello all, Anthony G. here to give you a quick preview of some technology we (Industry Marketing) here at Autodesk are working on. My friend and colleague Tomasz Fudala has recently authored and released and iPad application that delivers What’s New content for Autodesk Revit, directly to your iPad. It’s a pretty slick little app that makes it very easy to browse a catalog of helpful videos that in this case, highlight the latest features and enhancements for the 2014 release for the Revit based solutions. Interested? Take a look at it here, and download it from the Apple iTunes Store. 1 What I really like about this option, as compared to heading to our YouTube channel, is that you can view the content over and over, and use your iPad as a second screen, right next to your live application, and use it as a follow along if desired. A second benefit is the portability; once you’ve installed the app, you can view the videos without needing an internet connection. So why bring this cool app to your attention? Well for one, you may be interested in the content, as I know many of us out here in the construction industry either use Revit on a day-to-day basis, or consume the models created in Revit, so it’s all applicable and great information to have at our fingertips. But more importantly, we here at Autodesk are working on releasing more of these apps, based on this format, in the near future. Specific to the construction industry is one that I hope to see released in the coming weeks for Autodesk BIM 360. As you’ve seen from the various posts by Lee, Paul and Thomas here in the recent past, as well as at Autodesk’s website, BIM 360 is an offering from Autodesk of BIM 360 Glue and BIM 360 Field. My hope is that you can gain some of the same benefits from an iPad app specific to BIM 360, by having a quick and portable way of viewing video content from Autodesk specific to Glue and Field. It is also my hope that it’s going to be a “living app” if you will; something we can update often and get the latest and greatest information like informative introduction videos that discuss workflow and the use of the services across the entire project teams out to you directly. Or like the Revit app, deliver content that educates us on the latest features to be released, which is even more critical as we work with these cloud based services and see updates much more frequently than with desktop based solutions. For now, please check out the Revit app, give it a try and let us know what you think by leaving a review and rating on the App store, or of course just drop us some feedback directly via Beyond Design. Ciao for now! Da Gov
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