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Know your BIM 360 Glue units

27th June 2013
Posted by Lee Mullin
1Here’s a quick tip from our BIM 360 Glue and Vault expert, Thomas Schwaiger. Did you ever find your model in BIM 360 Glue looks too large or too small? Measuring something in your model and results not making sense? You just need to adjust your units. Make sure the model units are adjusted appropriately. Otherwise if it was modeled in millimeters and it is set in meters you’ll end up with a rather large version of your model. 2 3 Just go into your models module, select the model and use ‘Adjust units’ before choosing the right unit. Done. 4 5 Now I here you say “thanks, my model looks right, but my measurements are odd”. We’ve got that covered too. Just head over to your Options and select the desired Linear units under the Advanced tab. 6 And you can find the same for the BIM 360 Glue Mobile app in your iPad Settings, where you can change the Units of measurement. 7 If you want to learn more about all the other settings in these dialogs head over to our WikiHelp. Here for transforming your model and adjusting units in BIM 360 Glue and here for all the options including measurement units in BIM 360 Glue. Happy gluing! Thomas
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