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Dancing on the ceiling in Navisworks

3rd May 2013
Posted by Lee Mullin
We had a bit of an unusual request today, how do you defy the laws of gravity? Obviously in the real world it’s going to take a budget of millions to reach the edge of the atmosphere and float away. In Navisworks though, it’s a bit simpler. Gravity itself we can’t change, it will always be pulling you down, instead you just need to change where ‘Up’ is. You can do this by right clicking in Navisworks main view, Viewpoint > Set Viewpoint Up and then setting the axis you want as your ‘Up’. This could be a good way to investigate a ceiling run, or inspect the façade on the side of a building. 1 As Lionel Richie once sung, oh what a feeling, when you’re walking around your 3D Navisworks model on the ceiling! 2 Hope that helps, any more tips, you’d like to share, use the links on the left to email us.
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