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Updated Navisworks Hotkeys including Measurement specific shortcuts

16th April 2013
Posted by Lee Mullin
I’ve just updated the hotkeys for 2014 including ‘Ctrl + F8’ for Quantification and some shortcuts specifically for the Timeliner and Measurement tools to significantly speed up reviewing. With the Measurement tool you want to use already selected: –
X Lock to the X axis
Y Lock to the Y axis
Z Lock to the Z axis
P Lock to a point perpendicular to a surface
L Lock to a point parallel to a surface
Enter Quick zoom to measured area
+ Use with Enter key to zoom in to measured area
Use with Enter key to zoom out of measured area
The + and tools used with Enter are a great way to get accurate measurements and get close into the area you want to measure. Read the full Navisworks Hotkey blog post here.
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