"There are no more excuses for clashes…our latest coordination meeting only lasted 45 minutes"

BIM 360 Glue

With cloud-based BIM coordination, project teams gain virtually anytime, anywhere access to connected project information. Autodesk® BIM 360 Glue helps you perform multi-disciplinary collaboration and coordination review cycles faster, while making construction layout tasks more efficient.

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BIM 360 Glue overview

BIM collaboration and management with BIM 360 Glue

Features and benefits

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    One-click access

    Collaborate across distributed teams. Access precise model views and shared markups directly from a link.

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    Cloud-based BIM coordination

    Empower the whole team to identify and resolve conflicts faster, both before and during construction.

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    Collaborative project views

    Review even the most complex project models from virtually anywhere. Annotate and send notifications to keep the team up to date.

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    Navisworks integration

    Directly load coordinated BIM 360 Glue models into Navisworks for 4D animated timelines, model-based quantification, and other advanced analysis.

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    Design tool integration

    Say goodbye to file compatibility issues with support for more than 50 design file formats. Say hello to simplified multidisciplinary workflows with in-product, round-trip support for Revit, AutoCAD, IFC models and more.

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    Immersive mobile experience

    Intuitively explore multidisciplinary BIM projects in the field, online or offline.

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  • One-click access to BIM
  • Cloud-based multi-discipline BIM coordination
  • Object-level data access
  • Clash pinpoint and clash resolution
  • Review and mark-up