BIM 360

“From a single interface, we can deliver all of the data necessary for our projects. Regardless of what application that data resides in.”

APIs & Integrations

For both corporate and 3rd party developers, our APIs offer a secure, private mechanism to connect BIM 360 accounts, projects and project data with external and third-party applications. By leveraging the unified Autodesk Forge development platform, developers can quickly create the data, apps, experience and services that power the future of construction.

Product Video
JE Dunn: Integrating BIM 360 with the Dunn Dashboard project hub

(2:19 min.)

Create integrations for

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    Project creation

    Automatically create projects based on data from corporate ERP or CRM systems, reducing manual data entry and improving quality

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    Data sync

    Connect documents, plans and models stored in BIM 360 to external applications

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    Model viewing

    Utilize the Forge Viewer within custom project portals to extend the value of BIM to the entire project team

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    Project hubs

    Connect business development, ERP, design and construction project management systems into a single project hub

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    Partner integrations

    Access BIM 360 project data in a secure manner through partner applications and technologies

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    User and company directories

    Add, edit and sync user and company data from external systems to BIM 360 to accelerate project creation and setup

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